Passive Income Project isĀ focused on helping serious entrepreneurs create a “Lifestyle Business” that generates money, time, and location freedom.

If you’re looking for more money… more personal fulfillment… and more freedom to live life on your own terms… you’re on the right site.

Who Created Passive Income Project?

Hi. I’m Jeff Gardner.

I’m an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and high performance coach on a mission to help serious entrepreneurs find their freedom.

After all, it’s great to make lots of money – but without “Lifestyle Freedom”, you’re just trading one job for another.

Plus, I’m also ALWAYS on the hunt for new passive income ideas… new proven business models… new marketing strategies… anything that can scale up my freedom level. And I love to share everything I find with my tribe.

It’s an exciting and not-always-comfortable journey – which takes constant focus and the drive to grow your life beyond where it is now.

It’s NOT for the weak-of-heart. If you don’t really WANT it… if you’re not willing to WORK for it… then you won’t make it. End of story.

But if you stick with me, take action on what I share, and put in the time and effort to bring your ideas to life – you have the power to create a lifestyle business that can kick off incredible amounts of passive income.

Ready to get free? Let’s go!

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